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The Pebble, early last year, broke several records in his Kickstarter campaign. Even then, there were already several smartwatches, watches that do more than just show the time. Its popularity showed how much people wanted a smartwatch resembled an ordinary watch, requiring constant refills without an overly flashy design. 

It employs a simple philosophy of wanting you to take your phone out of his pocket less, something that used to be trivial. It was repeated several times daily gesture, we were not bombarded by emails and notifications all the time. Today, with increasing cell, gets to be a nuisance, and generate constant interruptions. The Pebble hands you your notifications, and gives you the freedom of choice. 

In this review, try to answer the following questions: is it worth buying a Pebble in Brazil? It really helps in everyday life or is it just a cool toy? How it goes compared to the competition? I imported the clock and used it for a week, before and after the major upgrade that it recently received, trying exaustar all its resources. The result you see below. 

Design and screen 

The Pebble is not exactly a work of art 

When I saw the pebble in his first campaign, I thought he would call a lot of attention by sound great out of the box of a common clock. But after putting it on the wrist, it's amazing how it just disappears. Do not get looks on the street by using it, and it performs the function of showing the time very well, with e-paper display always on 

Usability  replica watches

By removing the watch from the box, pressed any button will turn it on. After installing the application, the recognition of the clock is fast and without user intervention, which only confirms the connection. Soon after that the clock is ready to reject their calls. 

The main job of Pebble are the notifications, and would be difficult to defend him if he had not a group of such a center. Prior to the update, this is what happened. The notifications appear once and disappeared forever. Now we can see each menu again. 



Limited hardware. 

Low resolution screen. 


Lightweight, discreet, goes through a common clock. 

Long battery life. 

Functions and alarm notifications are extremely useful. 

Compatible with Android and iOS. 

No wonder that a small startup managed to tame such a competitive market, including the big names. The Pebble is a product to marvel, to serve as a template for future smartwatches. It is simple, and this is the key to your success. 

Of course he, at the current price in Brazil (or even outside), is not in the impulse buy area. As Paul Higa said the review of the Sony SmartWatch 2, if you do not wear a wristwatch today, it may not be for you, as it is also far from indispensable.